Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January "reset" button

How many times can a person stop and start running again?  I've probably taken more extended breaks from running than any other person who runs.  Yet, I persist in considering myself a runner.  Mostly because when I don't run, especially for an extended period of time, I start losing my marbles.  Anxiety kicks in, sleeplessness, an overwhelming urge to eat nothing but cereal and ice cream.  It appears that I am one of those people whose moods can be regulated by frequent, consistent exercise.  It is fascinating how our bodies respond to exercise.  If you don't believe that exercising can make you feel better, take a look at me.  I'm not even talking about Working Out, but even just walking around the lake down the block or getting outside to do Anything for some period of time.  There must be some physiological reason why our bodies respond so well to being outside or elevating our heart rate a bit.  I feel considerably better about myself and life in general when I've spent lots of time outside and enough time of it running around.

It's interesting how we have evolved from hunter-gatherers into mostly sedentary folk.  Still, though, when we do elevate our heart rates, a whole slew of chemical reactions happen, not the least of which is the release of endorphins, those happy little chemicals that make Us happy.  Or at least feel better for a little while.

So, I went for my 30-minute run today, did some planks, wall sits, 6 pull ups, and I feel better.  And I feel like I'm starting this whole game over again.  Struggling to breathe through a 3-mile run...  It does get easier with time; I've done this enough times to know that.  But it's still hard restarting.  It's still something I am going to keep doing though, pushing through until it's easier, until I can run 6, 13, 26.2 miles once more.  Here we go!  And did I mention the 6 pull-ups?  I think so.  Cheers!

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