Sunday, February 6, 2011


Two days in a row!  Today was a treadmill day though.  Comically, I have spent the past four hours cradling my distended stomach in considerable agony following an overdose of Chicago-style hot dogs and fries.  There are trends at play in my life...

Gym tomorrow but probably no running.  Need to give my knees a break.

A wonderful friend of mine posted online earlier today that she propelled through "8.5 fantastic miles this morning."  She is amazing and has pushed her way through a lot of life's unfair realities over the past few years.  Every day I am awed by her persistence at Living, at moving on and literally running past her demons.  Yesterday I mentioned our predisposition towards comfort and safety.  Yet we are also remarkably resilient.  We can take our bodies, willingly or not, to the edge of death, wear them down to their physical breaking points, and then turn around and, with some recovery, run 8.5 or 13.1 or 26.2 miles.  We can thrive despite life's conspiring to bring us down.  A few of us push our bodies and our minds just a little bit farther because we Can, because we are still around to be able to run and bike and climb and ski.

I run and my friend runs and gradually we see our bodies heal and grow stronger.  We have visible, measurable proof of our returned health.  We cannot be stopped.

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