Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Writer's block?

Maybe, kind of, sort of, but not really.  Really what happened is my computer has been acting completely out of control lately.  Basically, it won't stay on.  I am not quite sure why any of this is happening, but for the past few weeks, I have been without a computer.  Life without a laptop is terribly disconcerting, especially when a significant portion of the reason for your existence is centered around your computer. (Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but I am a photographer and if I have no computer, I have no way of doing anything for or with my images and it is a bad scene.)

Besides being unable to upload my photography, I have not really been able to do much in terms of fundraising for this marathon I am running in nearly 3 Months.  I am still nowhere near my goal of $7000, though I have already raised a lot of money and Thank You!! if you have donated.  But I am trying to organize a benefit in early March, trying to write letters of solicitation and find organizations willing to donate items for an auction, trying to find a venue to host this entire shindig.  All of these things are possible without a computer but they are infinitely more difficult for a person who has grown up with a keyboard at her fingertips.  Also, I have basically no idea what I am doing, and for whatever reason, I at least feel like I am accomplishing something when I am Googling things and typing letters and reading about training plans on different running websites.

Oh, running.  Of course, there has been running.  At least, there had been running up until about this past Saturday, when I started getting that obnoxious scratch right at the back of my throat, surely you know the one: you swallow, and your throat burns and itches a bit; it becomes more difficult to consume solid foods because there seems to be a little swelling happening at the base of your tongue.  And it can all only mean one thing: despite all my best efforts, prayers, and vitamin C consumption, I have fallen prey to the dreaded winter cold.  I know exactly what happened, too.  I stayed out too late on New Year's Eve, worked too many hours the following week, started running farther distances (8 miles!), and I walk or bike everywhere regardless of the time or weather because I don't have a car.  On top of all this business, the reality is that my immune system is depleted, and there is nothing I can do about it.  So, while maybe not inevitable, the chances of my catching a stupid bug are pretty high.  The good news is that I am babying myself, drinking absurd quantities of water, and I had my three-weekly infusion of immunotherapy yesterday, so that should hopefully help.

I was supposed to have run 10 miles this past weekend.  I did not.  I actually ran 2 miles yesterday before stopping, doubled over in pain because had I thought it would be a good idea to eat not-exactly-lean chicken thighs and some avocado as a pre-run snack.  It was not.  Fats: not good to eat before a run.  Fact: your gut will hate you.  Today it is snowing all over the place in Denver.  It will be a nice walk to work, but no run today, either.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get my stuff together and make it happen.  Otherwise, it will be back in the 50s this weekend, and I still have to get my 10 miles in.

So, life.  This life we live is full of obstacles and setbacks and too often things don't go exactly how we would like them to.  But we are still here, still living and breathing (and coughing?) and running and getting through each day as best as we can.  Which, really, I suppose is all we can ask of ourselves.  So, best of luck to you today.  Like I said, it is a winter wonderland in Denver today, and I am in love with life even though it is so frustrating all of the time.  10 miles will happen eventually.

Less thinking, more running....

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